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17 August, 2010

Santillana del Mar, your destination in Cantabria.

Santillana del Mar, is characterized by being an attractive town and while beautiful and spectacular because of its historical and artistic beauty.

It is a town with many treasures that are part of the architecture with the Collegiate Church of Santa Juliana as the standard of Santillana del Mar.

Altamira Caves are a great attraction for those visitors with its beauty and because they are one of the caves with more existing international prestige. They were discovered by Marcelino Sanz de Santuola and are located in one of the hills surrounding the beautiful scenery of Santillana.

Museums and exhibitions are another attraction in the area and Santillana Zoo.

Many and varied activities are offered at this location in order that everyone can enjoy a great time and even more so if you visit the “inn house organist, whose tradition and history is referred to that people.

  • Calle Los Hornos, Nº4
    Santillana del Mar 39330
  • +34 942 840 352
  • susanainfo@posadacasadelorganista.com